Visiting Mistress
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Roleplay Fantasies

I just love getting dressed up and acting out your fantasies and I have plenty of outfits to help bring your secret desires to life!
Below is a list of just a few of the roles I just love playing :)

Strict Mistress

I can be the strictest of strict mistresses.  I can twist you, torment and torture you and leave you begging for more.  Are you ready to be totally controlled by me, a strict, no nonsense, beautiful Oriental Dominatrix Mistress.

Tie & Tease Temptress

If you like the softer, more sensual side of domination then you have come to the right person. I have the most delicate of caresses, the softest of touches.....  I will restrain you to the bed, arms and legs spread eagled, maybe a blindfold to heighten those other senses, touch you, caress you, you feel the tips of my fingers glide over your body making your muscles twitch, the warmth of my breath giving you goosebumps as my lips delicately touch you.  Your body strains but you are powerless to my touch.  Let me tease you and take you to heaven and beyond..... teasing you until you think you can take no more, and then teasing you some more.....

Office Bitch

Meet Suzie, the bitchiest of office bitches.....  She rules the office and does not accept mistakes.  Do you cheat on your expenses? Does your time keeping need improving? Are your accounts done accurately? Do you treat your fellow workmates with respect?  
Just remember - Suzie sees all, Suzie hears all, and it is my job to correct your errant ways and get you back to working efficiently and accurately.

Military Interrogation

Name? Rank? Serial Number?  Do you really think that is all the information you will be giving Mistress Suzie?  You have information and I want it and I WILL get it.  You cannot resist me.  You cannot resist my Oriental Interrogation Techniques.
Now be a good boy and tell me what I want to know......

Lap Dancer

Turn the lights down low, turn the sexy music up, sit down, relax, I will be your private dancer.....
See my body move for you, I have curves in all teh right places and the moves to match.  Place that £20 into my garter belt and see how I respond.... now another into my knicker elastic... my body moving hypnotically for you, teasing you, turning you on.... another £20 and yet more moves....
You can look - but you can't touch!

Kinky Nurse

Come in, take your clothes off, lay down, make your comfortable and relax.  Naughty Nurse Suzie is here to give you a medical. I see from your records that you are well overdue for your check up so I will have to give you thorough check up, inside and out!

Strap On Bitch

Do you want to be fucked by a hot Oriental Dominatrix, well, do you?  Well, bend over boy, I have a treat for you....
Let me open you up, slowly, gently, one finger first, then another, sliding slowly in and out to relax you...  are you ready now? Are you sure?
I have a wide selection of strap ons for all experience levels from beginners to experts - place yourself in my experienced hands as I gently take you to that place that can only be achieved from the rear - the male G Spot anal orgasm - or as I like to call it - the Assgasm!

Foot Fetish Mistress

I have perfectly formed size 4 feet just just love to be pampered..... I also have an absolutely HUGE collection on shoes and boots and just love having any excuse to wear them.  
Foot fetishists are my favourite of all people and if you are one, then we are going to get along like a house on fire!

Smoking Mistress

Do you like to see your Mistress smoke, watching the smoke from my cigarette curl elegantly upwards from my mouth while you kneel in front of me, holding my ashtray? Or would you prefer to be my human ashtray, ready with your mouth open to accept my discarded ash?
Whatever your smoking fantasy is, I can realise it for you, whether it be cigarettes or cigars, you provide them and I will smoke them just the way you like to see it. 


Come here boy..... stand still! Now tell me why have you been sent to see me!  Have you been rude to the teachers again boy, well have you? Or did you not do your homework again?  Or is your attendance poor?  I don't want excuses, I don't listen to excuses.  I won't tolerate any tardiness or lax behaviour in my school boy!
Now tell me why you are here while I decide your punishment..... slipper or cane... now let's see.

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